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Handmade Men's Batik Shirt (Pink)

Handmade Men's Batik Shirt (Pink)

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(SKU: LS3000C6E3) Sri Lanka is a country filled with many unique characteristics while the many industries that make our country beautiful have been passed through generations bringing importance to our land. The Batik industry which has a high demand among tourists and Sri Lankans living abroad offers an array of clothing items with various colorful designs depicting the rich culture and heritage of Sri Lanka.

A popular fashion trend, the Batik shirt comes in many designs that have become a style in a number of festive occasions including the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. The Lakpura Batik shirt can also be worn as a function outfit at various auspicious occasions where you are required to wear traditional attire. Having white as a background with a variation of blue, green, red, gold and black most of the time, Sri Lankan batik shirts are simple and eye catching.

  • Trending Fashion
  • Local attire
  • Cultural motifs
  • Traditional outfit

Size: Please refer to the size charts for further information.

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