Weerawila Bird Sanctuary

Weerawila Bird Sanctuary Weerawila Bird Sanctuary Weerawila Bird Sanctuary

Prepare for an authentic village life when you travel to Weerawila. Unbridled with the charm of an idyllic fishing village, Weerawila is nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and offers travellers a look into the intricate ways of the local community.

Quiet and tranquil, this small town is quickly developing as one of the convenient bases for safari tours in Yala – a popular attraction among tourists who visit Sri Lanka and home to over 200 species of birds and over 40 species of mammals.

One of the island’s most coveted national parks, Yala National Park lies 45.2 km away from Weerawila, and is known for the singular distinction of having a high density of leopards. Look out for these predators as they prowl majestically around the park, as you enjoy the dry shrub jungles, beaches, grasslands and marine wetlands all within the park’s boundaries. Spend a day just roving around or marvel at the impressive beauty of elephants, as they roam around; the cautious deer scampering by their side.

If you wish for a more relaxing activity, a boat ride along the Weerawila Lake is a must. Meandering along the calm waters of this lake, with just the swish of the oars and the melodic sounds of the birds breaking the silence is a spectacular excursion. Dawn is the perfect time to go across the Weerawila Lake with the sun sparkling on the water.

Weerawila Bird Sanctuary and the Bundala National Park are few other places to visit when you travel to Weerawila. Arm yourself with a set of binoculars, as you spot Black-headed ibis, Crested Serpents, Eagles, Rosy Starlings, Large Egrets and Red-wattled Lapwings.

Weerawila Bird Sanctuary Weerawila Bird Sanctuary Weerawila Bird Sanctuary

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