Kollektion: Safari from Kumana

Famous for its bird population, especially for its large flocks of migratory birds, the Kumana National Park is located along the South Eastern coast of Sri Lanka, approximately 391 km away from Colombo. The extensive birdlife that is attracted to the national park is supported by massive tanks and lagoons which add up to 20 or more while the lagoons are quite shallow. Kumana’s wetlands are surrounded by dry thorny jungles while it is still one of the most important nesting and bird breeding sites in Sri Lanka. With over 255 species recorded, there are thousands of migratory birds who are annual visitors during the months of April to July. The park which is located across an ancient civilization consists of various rock inscriptions belonging to the 2nd and 1st centuries BC. A private safari with a well read tracker who is also your driver to take you across this terrain can be arranged by Lakpura upon your request.

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