Kollektion: Safari from Bundala

Covering a land area of over 6000 hectares and stretching nearly 20 km along the South Eastern coastal strip of Sri Lanka between the towns of Hambantota and Kirinda, the Bundala National Park is a wetland sanctuary that has been recognized under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. A safari would be ideal to Bundala to witness the migration of the greater flamingo which has made this park their winter home while there are reports indicating that up to 2000 have been recorded at one time since they arrive in large flocks. The Bundala National Park also consists of many mazes of waterways, dunes and lagoons making it the perfect habitat for over 300 of species of birds. The park also houses many mammals including a few Asian Elephants, fish, amphibians, butterflies and reptiles making it a memorable location for wildlife and photography enthusiasts. There are private and shared safaris that can be organized to Bundala according to your preference.

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